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토익 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 RC문제
By the time the manufacturer completed a large order of floor tiles for an office building, new but smaller orders _______ coming in.
(A) had begun
(B) begin
(C) will begin
(D) will be beginning
오늘의 실전 LC문제
Would you like something else, or should I bring the bill?
(A) We didn’t bring anything.
(B) I think we're done.
(C) You can pay by cash or credit card.
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[토익] 토익적중 예상특강

[토익] 토익 리딩 무료강의
토익 자유게시판
HOT 5월 12일 토익난이도 & 논란문제 총평강의로 종결! [9]

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3번정도 더 쳤었는데 895 870 등 800 후반~극후반 점수에서 벗어나기가 힘들었는데...

영어·영어회화 무료학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 AP뉴스 받아쓰기
가톨릭 신자들, 순례 여정 시작

지난 주말 미국의 가톨릭 신자들이 7월 16일 인디애나주의 인디애나폴리스에서 개최 예정인 대규모 성체 대회에 참석하기 위해 전국 각지에서 순례 여정을 나섰습니다. 이번 순례는 캘리포니아주, 코네티컷주, 미네소타주, 그리고 텍사스주에서 시작되어 인디애나폴리스로 이어지며, 10만 명 이상의 사람들이 참가할 것으로 예상되는데요. 신자들은 성별된 빵이 들어 있는 ‘성체 안치기’를 든 신부의 뒤를 따르는데, 이는 신자들이 예수 그리스도와 함께 걷는다는 상징적인 의미를 담고 있습니다.

오늘의 영어회화 학습
짐을 방으로 옮겨다 드릴까요?
Will you need help taking your bags to your room?
오늘의 한 줄 명언
Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.
오늘의 영자신문 읽기
Privacy on the Internet and Social Media

The Internet is one of the most useful technologies that people use today. Unfortunately, the Internet has also become a place for cyber bullying and a breeding ground for cybercriminals. Because of these, many social media companies like Facebook do their best to educate users about the vulnerability of people’s privacy on social media. Despite the emphasis being put on Internet privacy these days, many people say that most users still enter their information on social media and other websites without stopping to think about their privacy. This act of negligence leads other people to question whether users should even be entitled to privacy in the first place. Social media and Internet privacy advocates explain that people are much more vulnerable to identity theft with the advent of the social media which is why Internet privacy is all the more necessary. Browsing social networking websites for personal details published by users is often one of the techniques for obtaining and exploiting personal information for identity theft. Also, there are many Internet “predators” out there who prey not only on adult Internet users but also on minors. Keeping good privacy settings prevents users from being reached by strangers. Many users have already fallen victim to strangers who, at first, attempt to start an innocent conversation. Such interactions can end up putting users in danger. Lastly, behavioral targeting is prevalent on the Internet these days. Marketers present users with advertisements that seem to match their interests and lifestyle based on the information that users put on websites and search engines that they visit. On the other hand, people who are not really concerned about social media and Internet privacy assert that if people have nothing to hide, they should not be scared for their privacy unless there are illegal activities in danger of being uncovered. Additionally, the moment that Internet users sign up for social media, they understand that privacy goes out the window. Being an Internet user comes with the understanding that the Internet is very similar to a public place where information can reach hundreds, thousands, and even millions of users once the submit button is clicked. Finally, nothing is private on social media. The word “social” itself relates to people and interconnectedness. Therefore, social media is a place where people intentionally share information about themselves, their ideas, their lives, their daily activities, and whatnots.

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[기초영어] 영어회화 10분의기적

[기초영어] 그래머게이트웨이 무료강의
영어왕초보 상담방
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기초영어 수강신청
텝스 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 텝스 풀기 학습
A: Todd's strength for hiking is astounding!
B: Yeah, the steeper the terrain gets, _______________.
오늘의 실전 텝스 어휘 학습
m 음모
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[텝스] 텝스 적중예상특강

[텝스] 텝스 리딩 무료강의
텝스 자유게시판
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인강_텝스 0원소재
토스/오픽 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 토익스피킹 학습
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? An applicant's education is more important than his/her experience. Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
오늘의 실전 오픽 학습
In the survey you indicated that you enjoy swimming. Please tell me why you like to swim. Also, explain why swimming is beneficial. Tell me everything you can.
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[스피킹] 토스 기출유형특강

[스피킹] 오픽 기출유형특강
스피킹&오픽 자유게시판
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공무원 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 공무원 어휘 학습
답: 정답1, 정답2
  • cemetery
    1. ① 예방 접종
    2. ② 양자
    3. ③ 묘지
    4. ④ 계획
  • in place
    1. ① 가동 준비가 된
    2. ② ~을 훨씬 넘어서
    3. ③ ~의 속을 파내다
    4. ④ 상속세
오늘의 무료강의

[공무원] 공무원 문법 무료강의

[공무원] 공무원 독해 무료강의
오늘의 공무원 문법 풀기

1. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳지 않은 것은?

On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln created the United States Secret Service, a special security agency, mere hours before ① heading to Ford’s Theatre, ② where he was assassinated. But it wasn’t until 1901 that the primary purpose of the organization turned into protecting political leaders. Before then, its purpose ③ had been to track down and ④ to be eliminated counterfeit money.

○① ○② ○③ ○④

2. 다음 우리말을 영어로 가장 옮긴 것은? 

 그 기업은 고객에게 흠 잡을 데 없는 서비스를 제공하는 것에 전념한다.

The company is concentrating on to provide customers with faultless service.

The company is committed to provide customers with faultless service.

The company is committed to providing customers with faultless service. 

The company has been concentrated on provide customers with faultless service.

○① ○② ○③ ○④
공무원 자유게시판
HOT 합격 시 300%환급! 9/7급 공무원 0원패스 ☞ [0]

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자유 2025년 9급공무원 공무원시험 국어,영어 개편 확정 [0]

공무원0원패스처음듣고있습니다 0원패스연장은 어디에서어떻게하는건가요? ...

공무원 소재
지텔프 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 지텔프 문법
A colleague took credit for a document Marshall prepared. Marshall wants to bring this up with his manager right away, but his wife advised that he ______ his coworker first to see if there was some misunderstanding.
(A) approach
(B) is approaching
(C) to approach
(D) approached
오늘의 지텔프 어휘 학습
답: 정답1, 정답2
오늘의 무료강의

[지텔프] 지텔프 적중예상특강

[지텔프] 지텔프 유형별 무료강의
지텔프 자유게시판
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